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Forestry & Heavy Equipment

This two-year program introduces the student to forestry science and safe operation of chainsaws and heavy equipment. The first year students learn safe operation and maintenance of the Program's chainsaws, backhoe/loader, bulldozer, tractor and dump truck. Forestry skills students will learn: identification of trees and forest pests, tree and lumber scaling, surveying, forest management, soil, water and wildlife conservation. The second year builds on the skills and knowledge the students gain in the first year. These skills and knowledge will be used in community and class projects. These projects will focus on the development of students' planning, supervision and teamwork skills. Second year students will be introduced to forest management & planning, arboriculture, basic welding, and timber harvesting.


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Adults are welcome to apply for daytime technical programs. A Vermont resident adult without a high school diploma is a secondary student and is eligible for tuition to be paid by their school district. Adults with high school diplomas will be charged a tuition. Financial aid may be available. Contact the Adult Education Office at 447-3596.

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