Adult Education

Adult & Continuing Education (ACE)

For the past twenty years, our Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) program has been committed to providing you with classes and workshops that support your varied professional and personal learning goals and interests. Our top-quality strands are aligned to industry, educational, occupational, and recreational trends. Sign-up for our day programs or our evening courses. Call us: (802) 447-3596 or email us for additional information.

  • Learn From The Experts
    Our instructors are industry experts, corporate instructors, small business owners, and educational specialists who will help you achieve your personal or your organization's objectives. Check out ACE@SVCDC Directory to read about our instructors.
  • Enter the Medical Field
    The healthcare industry is experiencing a steady growth and the number of jobs is expected to grow faster than in any other industry. Contact us to learn about our blended Pharmacy Technician Certification Program and our Licensed Nurse Assistant Program.
  • Be a 21st Century Teacher
    Help your students become 21st Century Learner by improving or strengthening their technology and information literacy skills. Designed with you in mind, our sessions guide you in your integration of mobile and digital technology into your classroom. Join your colleagues and learn to use Google tools, master your iPad, or get familiar with Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
  • Enter the Digital World
    The digital world of computers, iPads, cloud, and Google awaits you. Whether you want to advance your career or enrich your personal life, sharpen your computer skills or learn the basics, switch to an iPad or enter the Cloud and Web 3.0, we have a class for you. Our wide variety of computer classes is designed to help you achieve your goals through hands-on experience and expert instruction.
  • Start Your Own Business
    Whether you want to start your own business or boost your income by turning a hobby into a home-spun enterprise, come to the CDC to learn the critical skills and strategies that will help you launch and sustain your own successful endeavor.
  • Ask About Our Frequent Learner discount
    Save money by bundling multiple classes or combining several workshops! Call or email us for additional information on how signing up for more than one course or workshop at a time can save you money.
  • Ask About Our About our Custom Training and Mentoring Sessions
    Call or email us to discuss the possibility of arranging Just in Time Training or mentoring.

Tuition Assistance
  • 10% Discount for seniors 60 and over and for Veterans
  • VSAC Non-degree Grant, call Martha McCaughin (1-802-786-8840 or
    1-800-642-3177 x 433).
  • DOL, Vocational Rehabilitation, Workers Compensation, Vermont Associates, employers.