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During the first year of this two-year program, students will be introduced to the American Legal System and to the major areas of law, including: criminal law, torts, family law, property, contracts and American Constitutional Law, especially focusing on individual rights. In this highly participatory and discussion oriented class, students will use primary case law, statutory law and constitutions that are the primary basis for legal careers today. Students will need to become fluent in computer technology and software use; especially word processing and document preparation. In addition to mock trials, drafting legal documents and other legal writing, the successful student will participate in off campus learning activities in local courts, agencies, local law firms and other appropriate sites.

The second year of Pre-Law is divided into distinct semesters, with the first exploring the criminal justice system, focusing on search and seizure, Fifth and Sixth Amendment protections, Miranda Rights, methods of criminal investigation, sentencing and corrections. Students will prepare Oral Arguments for presentation before local attorneys. The second semester explores the civil legal process and may include an Advanced Project. The semester will end with a mock civil trial where students will actively participate in direct and cross examination, opening and closing statements before a live jury.

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Adults are welcome to apply for daytime technical programs. A Vermont resident adult without a high school diploma is a secondary student and is eligible for tuition to be paid by their school district. Adults with high school diplomas will be charged a tuition. Financial aid may be available. Contact the Adult Education Office at 447-3596.

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